Days 0-19 in 101

We’ve been very busy in room 101. So far we’ve met 3 new letter people friends, Mr. M (munching mouth),
Mrs. T (tall teeth) and Mrs. P (pointy patches). This week we will meet Mrs. A (Ahhhchoo). Mrs. A is very special, as she
makes the short a and long a sound! This can be quite tricky for students, so please go over the 2 sounds frequently.

We also have started our word wall words. So far we’ve learned a, mom, dad, my, cat, dog:) Please practice reading the words
daily and working on spelling them as well. Students have been practicing making short sentences such as A dog. My hat. I’m
so happy with how well the students can already spell our word wall words from memory:) Now lets see if we can start
sounding out new short words:)

In Math, we’re working on recognizing numbers 0-20 and drawing the correct number of items for each number:)

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