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Classroom Supply Lists

Classroom Supply Lists

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome back emails will be sent to the parent email we have on file on August 1st. If we are not able to deliver the “Welcome to the 2015-16 School Year” email we will reach out via telephone to update our records. If you do not have a working email then we will then send out the “Welcome Letter” to your child’s email. Families who do not have access to a computer will receive their welcome letters via US Mail. Homeroom assignments will also be posted on Parent Portal by August 10th.

We will be holding our Thorp Open House before the start of school on September 2nd, at 6:00 p.m. for 4th to 8th grade and on September 3rd, at 6:00 p.m. for Kindergarten to 3rd grade. Your child’s teachers will review all classroom expectations and procedures.  You will also be able to bring your school supplies on these dates.

Please remember to use the following promotional codes when shopping for school supplies:

Target-  School Code: 45975

You can link your Red Card and Target will donate a percentage of all of your purchases to Thorp.

Office Depot- School Code: 70031311 For both on-line and in-store purchases.

Also, all students must have their own set of headphones or earbuds for the computer lab.



1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade


LI-Autism Room 317 Supply List

LI-Autsim Room 301 Supply List

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  1. Is this the correct list for 3rd grade? I thought they would need more than this…please advise.

    1. The list you referred to is only Mrs. Walsh’s classroom. Ms. Yi has now put up her supplies and I hope to have all of 3rd grade supplies up soon.

      Mr. Toledo

  2. I don’t see the 6th grade supply list. I would like to start shopping when will this be posted

  3. Hello,
    Happy Sumer! Does anyone know, by what date 6th grade physicals are due?
    Thank you in advance for your help!

    1. Ms. Doyle,
      As long as physical are less than one year old students will be able to participate in the sports program. It always a good idea to get a physical before school starts every year.

      Mr. Toledo

  4. Any chance of getting the other 3rd grades supply lists? It would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Mr. Toledo, thank yo so much for a nice chat today. I will be waiting patiently for the second grade supply list. Hopefully it will come soon. One more thing, is there any way to make this printing font bigger while writing this massage?

    1. Thank you for coming by and visiting Ms. Jakubczak. The second grade supplies are now online. With regards to increasing the viewing size for the fonts – If you look on the right hand bottom corner of your browser window you’ll see a magnifying glass with a %. You can increase the zoom size to make the page easier to read.

      Mr. Toledo

  6. Looking for the regular 4th grade supply list and the gifted 5th grade supply list. Will the dress code remain the same as it has been? Also, what time are the school hours going to be? Thanks

    1. Ms. Blunt,
      4th and 5th Grade Supply Lists are up on the site. The dress code will remain in place as last year. School hours will be from 7:45AM to 2:45PM as stipulated at the end of last year. Thank you for your questions.

      Mr. Toledo

      1. Thanks for your speedy response. Will the Smiling Strings after school program continue this school year? Both of my children have participated for the past three years.

        Welcome to Thorp! Looking forward to meeting you.

      2. What is the specific dress code and supply list for Ms. Walsh’s 4th grade class for this school year ? Thanks.

  7. Hi. I just want to know if school is still open because my son couldn’t go the last day of school and I don’t have his final grades. I also need all school papers that are necessary to fill out and what room will he attend. I called and left a message with my phone. Thanks.

    1. School is open – we are normally in the office from 8:00 to 2:00PM but please call before coming out. Also, please note that letters informing parents and students regarding next year’s homerooms will be going out by the 2nd week of August.

      Mr. Toledo

      1. Thanks for your answer and info. I received the letter today. Good day to all. Its going to be a good year!

  8. I was using the 2nd grade supply list that was sent home on the last day. Now I see another list with a room number? I am not sure what teachers are in what rooms? When will we know our classroom teachers & room number for this fall? As far as I know this information was never given out & last year we were to check the portal, but that is not working?

  9. Good Morning!

    I was wondering when Ms. Aquino 3rd grade supply list will be be available…

    Thank You

  10. I don’t see a supply list for Mrs. Delgado – just wondering when that will be available.

  11. Should we use the list for 206 for 204 also……mrs. Delgado hasn’t posted her list yet…..

  12. Where can I find Ms. Rasmussen’s Autism class, supply list?
    5 or 6th grade? Many of these supplies are not used by our kids. Please provide, thank you!

    1. Still working on it. You should see some changes right before school starts on the 4th of September.

      Mr. Toledo

  13. Please note that my granddaughter is a FOURTH grade incoming student (3rd year) at OA Thorp. 2 other classmates received their class assignment. We HAVE NOT, and I think that this is disappointing, especially for Alexa.

  14. Hello Thorp staff,

    My son will be starting 7th grading this coming school year. He is required to complete some activities on Achive3000 on a weekly basis. I am not familiar with this program since we are new to CPS, please advice.

    Thank you,
    Y. Nieves

    1. I don’t know what supplies to buy as well, the 4th grade list and the 2nd grade list are different for each class… Time is running out for us and I hate last minute shopping.
      Pleas give us our classes!!

      1. The 4th grade supply lists are almost identical with the exception of the color of the folders. Nevertheless, student letters should be arriving by the 16th of August.

  15. Mr. Toledo:
    This is the 2nd year in a row that we have not received a letter with Alexa’s room assignment. I can’t figure out why we aren’t getting the letters. Could you please have it resent and maybe email me what her room assignment will be?
    Kind Regards,
    Jan Robertson

  16. Hi Mr. Toledo,

    Hope all is well.

    Before end of school, my son Joseph was sent home with a supply list for 5th grade. On the list there are three different class rooms. The supplies are not far off from each class room but I would like to take advatnage of the early sales and make sure I am buying the correct supplies. Can you please tell me what classroom he will be in for the 2014-2015 school year, 5th grade?
    Also, my son is bussed to Kilbourn Park after school but for the past few years busses aren’t running until October and with my work schedule I am always struggling to find a way to pick him up or find someone who can pick him up from school and drop him off at Kilbourn Park. Is there another parent/student who will also attend Kilbourn Park for after school that you can get me in contact with to see if I can make arrangements for Joseph to get a ride with them until bussing starts?

    1. Hi Michelle,

      I’ll post your question on the site in the hope that a parent near you sees it. Someone may want to come up with carpool lists on their own, as we cannot do it as a school. Perhaps PTA or FoT may take that on – I’ll pass it along. With regards to room assignments; the letter should be getting home by the last week of July / first week of August.

      Thanks – Mr. Toledo

  17. Thank you Mr. Toledo, I appreciate you passing along the message. I will also be on the look out for the supply list.

    Thanks again and have a nice day.


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