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Classroom News Week of Oct 19

Word Wall Words:

on  to  because

Words of the Month:

hibernation  pumpkin  bear  spider   Halloween   Boo

Skills to Practice:

*Mm, Tt, Aa, Pp, Bb, Ss, Ll  *Read All Word Wall Words   *Writing simple sentences such as “I like my _____.  I love the _____.  We go to the _____.  *Counting forward 0-110 and backward 30-0 and skip counting by 10’s to 200 and 5’s to 110  *Writing numbers 0-30  *Retelling a story with details from the beginning, middle, and end *Make up addition problem solving stories with your child such as “I ate 3 cookies then 4 more.  How many did I eat in all?” then practice 3+4=7

Reminders & Upcoming Events:

If you haven’t returned your “Fun Pack” or sent in $10 for it, please do so ASAP.  Thanks!

Kindergarten students may wear costumes to school (following guidelines – refer to Halloween note that was sent home) on Halloween.  Parents, please join us for a Costume parade on the East playground at 2:20pm Fri. Oct 31st!  You may send non-food “treat” items for your child to pass out.


Each day at calendar we take time to go over our city, state, country, and continent.  Try locating these places on a map or globe with your child.  We also talk about how many states there are and how many continents including the name of each continent.  Ask your child how many stars and stripes there are on our flag and whyJ

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