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Classroom News Week of Nov. 3

Word Wall Words:

do  what  yes

Words of the Month:

harvest  corn  turkey  Pow Wow  Native American

Skills to Practice:

Can your child read all of the current word wall words?  Practice!  *Make up sentences using word wall words  *Recognizing all types of punctuation in text  *Do your Letter People cheer  *Mm, Tt, Pp, Aa, Bb, Ss, Ll, Hh, Nn  *Writing simple sentences  *Identify and know value of penny and dime *Counting forward and backward 0-100 and 50-0 and skip counting by 10’s to 200 and 5’s to 110  *Writing numbers 0-100 in and out of sequence  *Retelling a story  *Addition problem solving stories  *Reread your Letter People books   *Try making your own book

Reminders & Upcoming Events:

There is no school Fri. Nov. 7th

There is no school Tues. Nov. 11th for Veteran’s Day

Report Card Conferences are Wed. Nov. 12th –No School for students that day


Happy Birthday to:  Jackson – Nov. 6th

We will have sign-ups for future Parent Project Days at Report Card Conferences….bring your planners

November will be a fun month for Room 102.  We will engage in a month long Native American Unit complete with a Field Trip to the Native American Museum and a classroom Pow Wow!

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