Spring Learning Challenge April 12 – April 29, 2019

APRIL 12 TO APRIL 29, 2019

Explore poetry with Chicago Public Library’s
Spring Learning Challenge:

• Check out new poetry books
• Make up new lyrics to your favorite song
• Memorize a poem and recite it for your librarian
• Write your own poem (try a limerick or haiku)
• Draw a picture to go with your favorite poem

Anything you do can be counted somehow.
So read and write and have some fun!

Turn in this Spring Reading Log  when you are done.
Check out our booklist and other fun activities at Spring Poetry

Complete the following:
1. Read anything you want for 20 minutes a day for at least 5 days.
2. Discover some new poetry and share what you create, like a poem or a drawing!

When you have completed the challenge, return this log to your branch library by May 6 to receive a prize.