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Busing At Thorp

Busing at Thorp

We are very fortunate to have a busing program at Thorp. We work with several bus companies to get your children safely and conveniently, to and from school every day. Our drivers work hard to keep the buses clean. Many of our drivers arrive before dismissal to sweep out and clean the buses so that you will have a nice ride home.

Students, please be respectful of your bus. Please do not bring food (including ice cream) on the bus. Remember to take any garbage with you when you leave. The drivers have small garbage cans on their buses. We also have large garbage cans by the gates at Thorp as you enter our school. All bus riders should go to their bus immediately after they are dismissed from school. Students are not allowed to play in the field or playground before getting on the bus.
Once the students board the bus, they are not allowed to leave the bus to play outside. When opening the windows on the bus, please remember to only open them as far as the painted safety line.
Students, please remember to remain seated on your bus until it comes to a complete stop. Walking around or standing up when the bus is moving is very dangerous and of course is not allowed. Students, if you have any problems or questions about your bus, please see the Thorp Bus Monitor who will be walking around in a bright yellow safety vest every morning and afternoon!

Bus Parents – on the rare occasion that the bus is unable to pick up from school, we can only release your child to a person you have authorized on your child’s emergency form. Please include anyone on the form that may be able to pick your child up. This may include grandparents, neighbors or other parents at your child’s bus stop.
The safety of all of our children is one of our biggest concerns and we expect that our students will continue to behave on our buses just as they do in school. Should your child display inappropriate behavior on the school bus, we will not hesitate to take action. This may come in the form of an after school detention, or in more severe cases, a suspension from riding the bus. In this situation, parents will be responsible for getting their students to and from school for the length of the bus suspension.
Parents, the best way to let us know that your child is not riding the bus is by emailing us through the Bus Notes option on our website The Bus Monitor will receive your email directly and be able to keep a record of the change. The Monitor will also send a message to the teacher so that your child will be notified and/or reminded that they will not be on the bus. All changes should be sent in NO LATER THAN NOON (if it is not an emergency) so that action can be taken on your request.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this letter with your child.


Phone Numbers & Contact Information:

Thorp Bus Form (best way to let us know about bus issues)
CPS Transportation: 773-535-5860 (General Busing Questions)
All Town Bus: 773-248-0090
First Student: 708-345-5502
United Quick Transportation: 773-522-1995

Download Bus Documents Download Spanish Version
Application for School Bus Service
(“White Form”)
Spanish version
Chicago Park District-Park Kids Program Request Form (“Green Form”) Spanish version
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Parks Kids Approved Sites
Therapeutic Park Locations
Child Day Care Bus Stop Change Request for Student with Disabilities Spanish version
NCLB Application for Transportation Service Spanish version
Safety Hazard Exemption Request Form
Sibling Transportation Request Form Spanish version
Stop Change Request Form Spanish version
Student Transportation Eligibility Distance Measurement
Safety Tips for Students Riding the Bus


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