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Battle Of The Books: October – April 2014

Battle of the Books: October – April 2014

2014 Library Students & Battle of Books 068
Brianna is reading “Paiute Princess”
2014 Library Students & Battle of Books 067
Jahayra is reading “Glory Be” & writing quiz questions
2014 Library Students & Battle of Books 069
Lylajean is reading “Hold Fast”
2014 Library Students & Battle of Books 071
Dominic is reading “Homemade Stuffing Caper” & writing quiz questions



2014 Library Students & Battle of Books 070
Ann is reading “Hand in Hand” & writing questions



What a great team!

Our online competition was on April 1st and we did really well! For our last 2 meetings we are searching all 21 books to find the evidence and quotes for the answers to all 45 challenging questions on the test.


 We’re having just as much fun on our quest for the right answers as we had reading these GREAT BOOKS! We’re also going to act out some of our favorite scenes in the books.

Here’s what some of our team members had to say about their favorite book:

Alejandro (5th Grade): I liked “Ghetto Cowboy” because it told about the west.


Ann (5th Grade): I liked “Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller” because it was a graphic novel.

Brianna (4th Grade): “Close to Famous” was my favorite because you could understand what’s happening to her (Foster) and how she left her dad’s stuff back at home and how she misses him.

Dominic (6th Grade): My favorite book was “A Tale Dark and Grimm” because it wasn’t like others – it was creative.

Izella (5th Grade): I probably liked “Sophia’s War” best because it told a lot about the Revolutionary War and we were studying it in class.

Jahayra (6th Grade): I really liked “A Tale Dark and Grimm.” It really had a lot of drama and really pulled me into it.

Katie (4th Grade): My favorite was “The Homemade Stuffing Caper” because it was a mystery.

Lylajean (6th Grade – Team Captain): “Hold Fast” was my favorite. It had a lot of interesting plot twists and connections to language.

 Team Members and Parents are asked to complete the Department of Libraries & Information Surveys at the links below. Thank you to all!

Team Member Survey:

 Parent Survey:



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