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Hello Families, This week we'll continue to work on our research papers.  Typed, first drafts are due this Friday.  Jots for Chapters 7-9 of Jakeman are also due at the end of the week.  We'll be working on our jots…

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Dear Students and Families, Now that ISAT testing is over, we'll be continuing our center work with chapters 4-6 of Jakeman. We'll also continue learning about our research topics and planning our research papers. Please keep an eye out for…

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Language Arts 3-4-13

Hello Families, I hope everyone is enjoying Jakeman.  We're annotating our thoughts and reactions as we move through the text. Ask your child to share some with you.  They're so insightful! In addition to our persuasive letters, we will be writing…

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Hello Families, I'm excited to announce we're starting the novel, Jakeman by Deborah Ellis, as we explore the concepts of justice and equality. We're also focusing on argument writing this quarter. Students will be writing a  letter to a decision…

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6th Grade Language Arts-10-29-2012

Final drafts of the research paper are due on Friday.  Please email me with any questions. We're almost there... The following will be turned in on Friday: 1. Title Page 2. Final Draft of Research Paper 3. Final Reference Page…

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Reference Page

Hi Everyone, I'm including a link to a sample reference page and some examples of how to cite your sources using a modified version of APA.  Please visit the OWL at Purdue or consult an APA Style Guide for additional…

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