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Additional CPS Learning Packets

Additional CPS Learning Packets

Thorp parents and students, most of you will be receiving your work from your classroom teachers. If you have friends and family members who may not be part of our school you can share this site with them. Some of you may also want to supplement your learning by looking through these packets.

The ideas behind these packets are to help you: READ, WRITE, MOVE, DESIGN and SOLVE. Many of these activities are to be done with your family. If there are specific activities that you would like to do with your class – let your teacher know and she/he may just make it part of your on-line classroom!

CPS Prek–12 Comprehensive Resource Packets 

All activities included in this packet can be completed without internet access. In addition, we have prepared a supplemental Spanish language packet that includes digital resources for Spanish speakers. Additionally, we are linking a Google Drive folder that includes Spanish language comprehension passages that schools can print and include in their supplemental packet. As more Spanish language materials become available, we will share them. 

We want to ensure that students are able to read, write, move, design, and solve each day. We’ve included as many activities as possible while trying to conserve printing. To that end, students will need additional paper with them at home to work on activities. 

Each comprehensive packet is comprised of the following resources:

  • Independent projects
  • Enrichment activities (including a link to digital options)
  • Suggested activities to help students stay active at home

Pre-K Packet

Kindergarten Packet

First Grade Packet

Second Grade Packet

Third Grade Packet

Fourth Grade Packet

Fifth Grade Packet

Sixth Grade Packet

Seventh Grade Packet

Eighth Grade Packet

High School Packet

Spanish Language supplement:

For more guidance, please review the following resources: 

  1. How to set up a home WiFi hotspot using your cell phone
  2. How to access CPS passwords from home
  3. How to share enrichment packets on Google Classroom
  4. Digital learning resources, including how to access Google Classroom and content modules in Safari Montage
  5. Elementary independent projects
  6. Elementary enrichment activity suggestions
  7. High school independent projects
  8. Recommended reading and listening for high school students
  9. High school enrichment activities

CPS Newsela resource folder with supplemental readings in English and Spanish

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