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8th Graders – When is your high school investigation day?

The main purpose of  High School Investigation Day is to introduce the incoming 9th graders to their high school.  So the students should only attend the  High School Investigation Day for the school in which they have been projected to attend in the Fall ’13.  High School Investigation Day is a CPS High School Exploration activity that the entire district participates in.

Purpose of H.S.I. Day

The Consortium on Chicago School Research report -Freshman Year Matters, The High School Score Card, and the Student Connection Survey outline the needs of 8th-grade students during the transition to high school. One driving factor is the importance of these students having interaction with their high school prior to the first day of class.
High School Investigation Day is the kickoff to a series of events, including Freshman Orientation and Freshman Connection, which are “geared toward improving Freshman attendance and engagement.” Research shows that “Students who attend school regularly are more likely to learn and graduate.”

H.S.I. Day happens in May each year.

So you are about to graduate 8th grade and are probably wondering, “What is high school going to be like?” Maybe you are also a little nervous about starting at a new school and not knowing your classmates or teachers or about getting lost on your first day.
Leaving grammar school and entering a new high school is a big transition in your life. It can be scary to enter a new school with new people, but you aren’t the only one feeling this way. A lot of your other classmates may feel the same way. Not to worry, you can get a head start on figuring out what high school is really like and on meeting new friends by participating in High School Investigation Day.

You will be able to:
» Observe students in high school classes
» Experience a typical freshman schedule
» Figure out what you need to make it in high school
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