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8th Grade Summer Meetings

8th Grade Summer Meetings

Required Post Meeting: 8th Grade Goals Form


Dear parents and  members of the Class of 2015,


Please schedule a time to meet with a member of the administration over the summer by clicking here: PrinciPal Meeting Dates and Times 

The PrinciPAL’s Summer Conference is to allow students and parents to discuss the upcoming school year and how we may plan together to make it a successful. I view my 8th graders as the student leaders of the whole school. Your behavior will influence all of those students who look up to you as examples. In order to better help you understand your role I have listed the topics that we will cover during our meeting :


PrinciPAL Summer Conference Topics

  1. The Thorp Website: Parent Portal, Class Pages, Student Handbook
  2. Review 7th Grade Report Card & SAT10 Results
  3. Promotion criteria: 24% NWEA Reading/Math,  D or F grades in any major subject, 9 unexcused days absent
  4. NWEA MAP Test (Benchmark Assessment), Explore Test, Algebra Test
  5. Discuss High School Selection, Thorp High School Fair and Saturday School
  6. Discuss Reading Progress during summer
  7. Major Assignments
  8. Thorp Eagles SOAR: Supportive, Organized, Attentive and Responsible.
  9. Explain Extra Curricular Activities – Clubs, Recess, School Plays, Student Council, etc.
  10. Discuss Leadership Role and Model Behavior-Proper Language Usage – Proper Transition and Bus Behavior
  11. Discuss Conflict Resolution & Review Detention Policy, ISS, OSS and Saturday School
  12. Out of School Suspension – No Class Trip
  13. Computer Etiquette –  Cyber bullying or Flaming is the same as physical bullying.
  14. Dress Code (Shorts, Jewelry and Work Place Attire)
  15. Cell phones and Other Electronic Devices
  16. Sports Participation – “F” Grades Remove Students from participation.
  17. 8th Grade Physicals- You must have a current year physical to participate in sports. Parent must provide transportation or with proof of adequate insurance.
  18. CPS Wellness Policy
  19. Graduation and Luncheon Fees
  20. First Day of School, Tuesday, September 2nd – 7:40 am


Mr. Efren D. Toledo, Principal


Parents the  Selective Enrollment High School Application can be found here:


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  1. 8th graders are supposed to read 3 books during summer and write an essay of them. Can someone post the books and the info of pages to be written?

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