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3rd-4th Grade: La Familia project and Quiz

For all 3rd and 4th graders and their parents,

We’ve finished up and started presenting some of the family tree projects this week, and the students all worked really hard on them! I was very impressed with both their creativity in the family trees and their Spanish sentences that they were writing.

Also parents, thank you for helping your children out with printing pictures, supplying magazines, and buying posterboards.

Next week (the 21st-24th) we are going to have a quiz on the vocabulary of La Familia in the context of a family tree. 205 will have their quiz tomorrow since we don’t have school next Friday. I imagine all the students will do well since we have been working with these words intensively for a month now, but I will allow students to retake the quiz if they don’t feel they were prepared enough to do their best work.

I have attached a study guide and practice sheet below.

familia study guide

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