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2016 Battle Of The Books Teams

2016 Battle of the Books Teams

We have just wrapped up another 7 months of preparation and competition in the city-wide Battle of the Books Program.

This year we had 2 fantastic teams! Our  5th-6th Grade Team Members include Allison G., Kaya J., Max J., Eloise P. (captain), Dawn P., Alexa R. and Elaine R. Our 7th-8th grade Team Members include Dimah A. (captain), Alize B., Ann D., Isra H., and Dalia S. Mrs. Ruszel is coach for both teams.

These students met once a week after school and read at home from a list of 21 books. To practice answering questions in the competition, the students and coach wrote questions. Students broke into smaller teams to answer questions and compete against each other sometimes using buzzers and bells. Our 7th-8th Grade Team qiizzed each other with flashcards that they made.

Each student read between 5 – 18 books!

We won’t find out if we placed in the city finals until April 11th, but all the students that participated are already  winners! They read wonderful books they would not have read, talked about books with other book lovers and had fun! Each participant receives a metal as well!

If you were involved in this year’s Battle of the Books as a student or a parent, please complete one of the surveys below.

Student Team Member Survey:
5.6 thumbs up 7.8 botb 2


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