School Supplies 2017-18

Parents, many of you are calling the office about school supply lists.  Some of you ordered through EPI (Educational Products Inc. and your supplies will be waiting for your child when then walk in the door on the first day of school (September 5th, 2017).  Orders can no longer be purchased via EPI as the cutoff date has passed (July 14th).

Below you will find links to supply lists for grades K-8.  Supply lists for rooms 301 and 317 are also listed below. Just click on the link to pull up the list you are looking for.  Some grades have created their own alternative Amazon Lists (5th-8th grades).  You can click on the Amazon link to order or print out the list and get the supplies on your own.


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade 

4th Grade

5th Grade

The Amazon List for 5th grade is here:

6th Grade

The Amazon List for 6th grade is here:

7th Grade

The Amazon List for 7th grade is here:

8th Grade

The Amazon List for 8th grade is here:

Room 101

Coming Soon

Room 301

Room 317